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Customer Reviews
Geraldine Tan

Favourite mask ever! Skin get more hydrated and glowing after using the mask! Best recommended

28 July 2021
Irene Lee Teo

I love TTmask ! It feels lovely on and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin. I usually put it on before bed. It makes my skin feel lovely and smooth and is one of the few masks where I've received compliments after use. As a woman over 35 years old it's become apparent to me how important a good skin care regime is and I can't recommend this product enough.						</div>
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4 September 2020
Yong Hui

Love their radiant transformation black mask! Thumbs up!! Really "radiant transformed" and absorbs quickly and dried down to matte finish.

4 September 2020
Ling Weng Natelie

我用了 TT mask 很不错,她们家的面膜用了后明天早上真的感觉干净了和光滑了,好棒的产品

4 September 2020